Time To Take Notes! Making Sure You Get The Promotion You Deserve


Making our way up the career ladder requires so much dedication, not just in the working environment, but outside it as well. We may spend our spare time learning new skills but what are the real keys in making sure that we can get a promotion?


Setting Career Goals

It all starts with you and what you want to achieve. Take the time to sit down with your boss and address your professional career goals. A good boss will always help you to achieve these goals by providing you with opportunities. Perhaps they can address certain skills gaps that can be filled with specific training courses. If you haven’t had the opportunity to step up to the plate in meetings, something like presentation skills training may provide the opportunity for you to flex your muscles and realize what you don’t know. But it all comes down to setting those career goals first as this will give you the blueprint to progress.


Making Yourself An Indispensable Member Of The Team

Standing out as a leader is always beneficial but if you don’t have the opportunity to lead you’ve got to make yourself stand out in other ways. Making yourself an indispensable member of the team or becoming the go-to person for a very specific task can highlight your skills to the powers that be. When you are a font of knowledge on something very specific, people will come to you, regardless of their rank in the organization.


Documenting Your Success Stories

If you want to go far, you have to show what you have achieved so far. When you are asking for promotion, leaders will always ask you why you feel you deserve it. Ultimately, it is not about what you have achieved but it’s about what you have achieved for the business. The best way to do this is to build a portfolio of the things that you’ve achieved. And after every milestone that you’ve been an integral part of, make sure that you document it. Once you do this it becomes a good habit and you must remember to focus on specific details when making notes of your success. Note everything you do that impacts the bottom line.


Being Engaged

It’s not just about sitting up and paying attention. Being an active member of your team is what will make you stand out in the right ways. You have to show the leaders that you are committed to the company, not just for your own means but for the success of everyone. The big mistake so many of us make is that we give off a scent that we are just in it for ourselves. Those people don’t care who they step on their way up to the top. But if you are someone who is all about the bigger picture but is also willing to help your fellow employee, this shows just how much you care for the business.


Getting that promotion is all about dedication, but also realizing that you have to show the business you have what it takes. You know that you have the ability to go far, but it’s all about displaying it in the right way.