Essential Skills for Nurse Managers

There are many important people that contribute to the success of a medical establishment, but there’s arguably no-one more important than a nurse manager. Indeed, very often, the success or shortcomings of a hospital or other medical practice depends on how well the person in this role is performing their duties. Due to the importance of the role, it’s crucial that the medical institution ensures that they’re hiring the right person for the role.

So what goes into making an excellent nurse manager exactly? The skills that are required stretch far beyond the traditional medical skills that nurses possess. They must be able to communicate well, and be a real team-player: indeed, they’re often the person who is responsible for putting together the team in the first place. Softer skills include a generally positive and sunny disposition. Medical establishments can be tough places to work, and nurse managers usually function as emotional support for the other staff.

These skills help the manager to complete the roles that can be wide-ranging. They’re in charge of many aspects of the nursing side of things, including scheduling, ensuring that nurses are happy in their work, providing feedback on performance, and onboarding new nurses onto the team.

Ultimately, this crucial role is all about being a leader. To learn more about the role that nurse managers play in the running of the hospital, as well as the skills needed, take a look at the infographic below, which was put together by Bradley University.

Infographic Design By: Bradley University nurse manager tips