Why It’s Important To Be You And Not Someone Else

Being you is essential, and we often spend the majority of our lives trying to find the real you. That’s because growing up, there’s a lot of judgment and expectations that linger in society about who you should be and what’s deemed as being normal or appropriate. But being these things is boring, so here’s why it’s important to be you and not someone else.


Your Personality Is Unique

The personality that you have is unlike anyone else’s, and that’s what makes you unique. If everyone had the same personality or the same attitudes that you have to live and what’s around you, then it would be boring. Your personality is yours and who you are is something that you cannot deny. That’s why it’s important to embrace every single aspect of your personality, no matter how weird or wonderful you think it is. Everyone has a personality that’s complex, and there’s a lot to it that perhaps you don’t like or that you don’t want to show people. However, what you’re hiding could be something that would make you more real and truthful to them, even if the thought of doing that seems scary. Just like when you read your horoscope, it’s different for everyone, and we all interpret the words differently.


It’s Hard Work Being Someone You’re Not

It can be difficult trying to put up a front, and it can take all your efforts to be someone you’re not. But at what cost is this worth it? You might be feeling miserable because you’re hanging around with people that you don’t like just because the thought of having to be yourself is terrifying. What if you lose your current friendship group? Chances are if that happens, they weren’t your friends, to begin with. It’s good to let down those walls and let people in to see the real you, rather than putting on a front. That’s not going to benefit anyone, especially you.


People Know Fake When They See It

People can often tell if you’re being fake, and it’s a bit put off for those who actually just want to be around you. It can be hard enough trying to be someone you’re not, and when it comes to being fake, it’s something that a lot of people can sense straight from the get-go. We’ll all have those individuals who don’t like us, no matter what we do, and that’s fine because not everyone has compatible personalities. So if you don’t get along with someone, don’t force yourself to be any different, because that won’t help.


You’re Happy When You Can Be Yourself

And remember that happiness comes from within, and if you’re not content with yourself and who you are, then it can be hard to be happy. Try to be yourself more often and spend less time worrying about what people will think of you in the process.


It’s important to be yourself and to embrace who you are. Those who love you will surround you and that’s all you need.