Don’t Let Docs Take You Down! 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Documents Immediately

There are so many factors that play into standing out in the business world. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, we can all agree that there’s a lot to keep up with! Whether you’re trying to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends or go over facts and figures from last month’s sales, it can be a little overwhelming at times. 


So, most people don’t often give attention to something that could actually make a big difference – documents. 


Yes, those documents. The reports and drafts and professional letters you put together every single day. 


With so many other things to think about, you might not consider the fact that every time you put together a document, it’s a representation of your company, and you. Unfortunately, not many people take the time to learn everything there is to know about Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc., so you could be putting together documents that simply don’t shine the way they could. 


Does it sound like a small thing? Yes. Could it have a big impact on the way your work is viewed? Absolutely. With that in mind, let’s look at a few hacks you can use to improve your documents now.



  1. Write in the Active Voice


It’s pretty common for people to write in the passive voice, as though you’re telling a story. But, that tends to make writing sound inconsistent and sloppy, rather than concise and to the point. 


Focus on writing in the active voice. One unique “hack” to make sure you’re doing this is to use the Grammar function in word. By clicking on “Passive Sentences,” the program will show you any sentences that you should change.


  1. Use a Template


Sometimes, documents don’t look great because you might not be sure how to put them together properly. Not sure how to create a graph, pie chart, or table within your doc? Maybe you just want to add a professional touch to an existing document that might otherwise not catch a reader’s eye. 


The good news is that there are templates available for almost any type of document you could want. Sites like are great for creating professional-looking documents without having to have a lot of background knowledge in word processing programs. 


  1. Use Terrific Titles and Break Up With Bullets


People don’t want to read long chunks of content. In fact, large sections can deter them from reading your document at all. 


A title is the first thing your reader will see. Having bolded titles throughout your piece will allow people the ability to scan through and get information about your document before they even read it. So, make sure your titles grab the attention of the reader and let them know what they can expect to read. 


Bullet points are also a great way to keep the reader’s attention. They break up chunks of content and are easy to glance at right away for information. 


It’s important to give the documents you put together the attention they really deserve, even in the midst of everything else. You might be surprised at how much of a difference a well-designed, well-written piece can make.