7 Hip-Hop References of Slauson’s Own Blacc Sam

It has been almost a year since the tragic and unexpected death of Nipsey Hussle, and while we as fans lean to each other for comfort in remembering him, his family stands strong.

Big brother Samiel, born three years before Nip, Samiel, affectionately known as Blacc Sam, he always looked out for his younger brother and sister, Sam, and looked after his niece and nephews and other family members.

On this day, we celebrate a man who stood by his brother’s side, even after his death. Taking control of his estate as the administrator, pushing the “Hussle & Motivate” clothing line through Puma, to a documentary with Ava Duvernay through Netflix. As evident as it is in his music, Nipsey had nothing but the utmost respect for Blacc Sam, from shout-outs in his music to working side by side with him.

Here are 7 Hip-Hop References of Slauson’s Own Blacc Sam:

“All Money In, it’s just us four, It’s just Cobby, it’s just Harvee, It’s just Rimpau, it’s just Adam, It’s just Blac Sam and Bolt da Fatts, Where your 600 Benz, where your Rovers at?”Million While You Young, Nipsey Hussle 

“Don’t worry bro, I got Sam, I told ’em that he got fam, And even though you left here, the marathon continues, I missin’ you, bro, shit got me stressin’, gotta continue, damn.”Nipsey, Trae Tha Truth 

Credit: Karen Civil

“We still them same niggas that we used to be, Black Sam in that sedan in the coupe is me
Hundred thousand for the car so the roof was free, While I’m in it flashback on how it used to be.”Crenshaw and Slauson (True Story), Nipsey Hussle 

“Streets on fire, soft rappers can’t match this, I ain’t doin features even if they got the cash, Me and Blacc Sam ballin out the shop on Slauson ave look, There’s way more profit in these clothes.” – Forever On Some Fly Shit, Nipsey Hussle 

“That’s what my nigga shady blue got the gage for, That’s what my nigga black sam got the mack for, Feds frontin my spot I’m runnin out the back door.”Strapped, Nipsey Hussle 

“I would hate to see my momma stressed out, nigga. Black Sam would tell me, “poke your chest out, nigga.” I could die today I’ve made the set proud, nigga. And I could fly away, but I respect vows, nigga.” – I don’t stress (Stressed Out), Nipsey Hussle 

“Moved up on the rope, Tell me who came up like the loc? Blacc Sam on parole, Turned that to the store, Turned that to a brand, Did that for the fam.”Full Time, Nipsey Hussle