Latto shares her regret over revealing an unidentified male rapper sexually harassed her

Credit: Rich Fury

Latto exposed a male rapper refused to clear a song from her upcoming album, “777,” because she wouldn’t sleep with him. The rapper now regrets making that information public.

In a recent interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, the 23-year-old rapper vented about dealing with men in the music industry who lack professionalism.

“You got letdowns,” Latto said. “Being a female rapper, I’m clearing my album right now. It’s been difficult to deal with these men. They don’t know how to keep it business.”

The rapper then doubled down on the claims, stating that she was keeping it 100, and the unnamed rapper made it difficult for her to clear the song because she wouldn’t respond to a private message.

“I don’t care, baby. I’m a just keep it 100. It’s a feature on my album,” Latto stated. “It was difficult to clear, and they tryna drop they nuts on me because I won’t respond to a DM.”

Latto’s fans began to do their little investigation into who the rapper was that she was speaking about during her interview and settled on it allegedly being Miami rapper Kodak Black. The rapper jumped on Twitter and quickly denied the claims.

During her appearance on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, the rapper admitted she did not intend her comments to cause such a stir.

“My intentions was not to, like, make this a whole thing,” Latto said. “I just was looking at it as, like, I’m a new female rapper in the game. I wish somebody could have gave me some insight about how this stuff really goes.

Latto shared that she wanted to give insight into what female rappers go through in the industry but didn’t want to cause a distraction.

“You hear, like, ‘Oh, female rappers have it harder.’ But I really wanted to give a little insight as to what specifically makes it harder for a female rapper,” Latto said. “I didn’t want it to distract from the music or anything, so I kind of wish, in a way, I didn’t say that.

Latto will release her debut album, “777” on March 25. Currently, she is touring with Saucy Santana, Kali, and Asianae to promote the album. The tour began on March 19 in Santa Cruz, Calif., and concludes on April 23 in Atlanta.