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How To Converse With Your Favorite Celebrities With A ‘Law Of Attraction’ Technique

In my last post I spoke about Hip Hop mantras that are found in your favorite Hip Hop songs. And as I had explained before mantras are not necessarily bible scriptures, although most of them are. But mantras are often slogans and statements used to help shift and change negative beliefs to positive ones. Mantras are found in almost anything

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Organic relationships and Love affairs

When you think of the word Organic, it is almost always synonymous to “healthy“, “simple” and “natural“. So when you think of an organic relationship or love affair, you would naturally blend the three together. A healthy, simple and natural thing. Only not all relationships are simple and a lot of them aren’t healthy. But with this concept called, Human

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Pessimistic vs. Optimistic

  This is a glass. A glass filled with water. The manner you perceive this glass of water, determines how you perceive the life of yourself and of the lives of others. Do you view this glass as half empty or half full? Dreamer, Optimist, Utopian, daydreamer, all of these titles describes one type of person. A person who thrives

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