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#MindfulnessMeditation: Why Meditating Is A Game Changer And 3 Ways You Can Apply It To Your Life

When we think about meditation and its techniques, we may think about breathing techniques, yoga positions and more. In his latest interview with Angie Martinez, Rapper J. Cole talks about his method of meditating and how he uses it for his anxiety. “Really the only thing I consistently do is I do my breathing,” he says. “I try to do

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FKA Twigs Shares Her Recent Health Struggles In An Empowering Letter

On Wednesday (May 9) British singer FKA Twigs wrote a letter to her 1.2 million followers revealing that she underwent laparoscopic surgery to have six fibroid tumors removed from her uterus late last year. According to The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Uterine fibroids “are non-cancerous tumors that grow within the wall of the uterus.” The 30-year-old singer revealed that she “tried to

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How To Converse With Your Favorite Celebrities With A ‘Law Of Attraction’ Technique

  In my last post, I spoke about Hip Hop mantras that can be found in your favorite songs. I had explained that mantras are not necessarily bible scriptures, although most of them can be. Mantras are slogans and statements used to help shift and change negative beliefs to positive ones and can be found in almost anything that you

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Hip-hop mantras: What Are They and How Do They Work?

I am a very big fan of affirmations and mantras. I actually have a journal of different affirmations and mantras that I found on different spiritual websites and some that I had created on my own. Mantras are statements or slogans that are often repeated. When the affirmations are repeated, it seeps down to the subconscious level of your brain. When this

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The Badu Effect: Organic relationships and Love affairs

  When you think of the word Organic, it is almost always synonymous to “healthy“, “simple” and “natural“. So when you think of an organic relationship or love affair, you would naturally blend the three together. A healthy, simple and natural thing. Only not all relationships are simple and a lot of them aren’t healthy. But with this concept called,

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Pessimistic vs. Optimistic

  This is a glass. A glass filled with water. The manner you perceive this glass of water, determines how you perceive the life of yourself and of the lives of others. Do you view this glass as half empty or half full? Dreamer, Optimist, Utopian, daydreamer, all of these titles describes one type of person. A person who thrives

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