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How To Converse With Your Favorite Celebrities With A ‘Law Of Attraction’ Technique

  In my last post, I spoke about Hip Hop mantras that can be found in your favorite songs. I had explained that mantras are not necessarily bible scriptures, although most of them can be. Mantras are slogans and statements used to help shift and change negative beliefs to positive ones and can be found in almost anything that you

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Hip-hop mantras: What Are They and How Do They Work?

I am a very big fan of affirmations and mantras. I actually have a journal of different affirmations and mantras that I found on different spiritual websites and some that I had created on my own. Mantras are statements or slogans that are often repeated. When the affirmations are repeated, it seeps down to the subconscious level of your brain. When this

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Love and Synchronicity: When the Universe allows you to manifest the right person at the wrong time

I think it is all a part of growing up when you meet someone when they are at a different point in their lives from yourself. This person could be looking into a serious commitment, just getting out of a relationship or even currently in one. When you manifest the type of person that you always wanted but they aren’t

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