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Music Review: Electo-Pop Duo MissDefiant Stands Up To Nightclub Drug Usage With 133T

London based, Electro Pop Duo MissDefiant released a new hit entitled, “133T” on Friday that carries a very important message–the end of glamorization of drug use. 133t the slang word for “leet” which is short for elite, a reference to the hipster nightclub scene. The press release of 133T mentions that –“MissDefiant look at the pressure put on young people to “get

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Music Review: The Power Of Rihanna’s ANTI album

  It has been three long years, but we finally got it. The latest Rihanna project, “ANTI“. And yes, noticeably two tracks that Rihanna released last year are missing, “Bitch better have my money” and “four five seconds” featuring Sir Paul McCartney and Kanye West. But are we really complaining? Not preferably because Rihanna has done what she has been

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