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Jay Z To Be The First Rapper To Be Inducted Into The Songwriters Hall Of Fame

It was only three weeks ago when Beyoncé graced us with the pregnancy announcement of not one,  but two babies via Instagram. An announcement that helped set this as a monumental black history month of first evers, and never befores. But just the month approaches the end of its time, the Carters has yet something else to celebrate about.  On Wednesday, the

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Why you’ll never succeed at being a plug (unless you do these things)

Giving a “plug” or even becoming one, consist of two things. Clout and Influence. And without these two things, being a Plug is almost impossible. Building Clout and forming influence take years of networking, communication, and offering your expertise in any opportunities presented. You don’t have to be rich in order to become a plug, but with managing it right,

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Fair Game

Spoken words in a bar. Drinks, unlimited. Conversations between kisses in secluded corners. Eyes have connected, breath shallows. The heart races and slows down. Midnight approaches Bar closes, decisions made. Yellow cab hailed, wandering hands in the back seat. Arrives to destination, elevators kisses as the camera watch. Keys in the door, clothes on the floor Mind a million miles

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