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What is intimacy?

Intimacy is the flirtation, it is the stimulation, it is the skin sensation, the exploration, the titillation, the penetration. It is your eyes, dilation, our hands, temptation, my body, vibration. No complications. Intimacy is Coltrane playing over and over, while blowing thick white clouds towards the ceiling. It’s no inhibition, no judgment. It is time moving ever so slowly. It

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Do not Drake and Text

  Do not Drake and text! No, you did not read that wrong. It’s a campaign to prevent lonely individuals from contacting their exes in hopes of reconciliation and mending their broken heart. Well, it may not be a real campaign, but it should be. As you may know, Grammy winning artist and the President of the Light Skin Community

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Fair Game

Spoken words in a bar. Drinks, unlimited. Conversations between kisses in secluded corners. Eyes have connected, breath shallows. The heart races and slows down. Midnight approaches Bar closes, decisions made. Yellow cab hailed, wandering hands in the back seat. Arrives to destination, elevators kisses as the camera watch. Keys in the door, clothes on the floor Mind a million miles

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