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Taylor Bennett Is More Than JUST Chance’s Little Brother With New Mix Tape

I’m listening to this album for the umpteenth time while I am writing this review because of how beautifully crafted it is.  Taylor is more than his brother’s little brother and this album makes that crystal clear. Although, they not only look-alike and sound alike as well, this is probably his (what I BELIEVE) declaration  that he is his own man.

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Chance The Rapper Models Obama-themed Clothing Line

Chicago’s own Chance The Rapper teams up with Fashion Designer JoeFreshGoods in a commemorative clothing line that pays tribute to the 44th president of the United States. JoeFreshGoods first launched the line on January 20, President Obama’s last day in office. The Chicago designer took to his website to describe what inspired him to create this line in honor of

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Music Review: Electo-Pop Duo MissDefiant Stands Up To Nightclub Drug Usage With 133T

London based, Electro Pop Duo MissDefiant released a new hit entitled, “133T” on Friday that carries a very important message–the end of glamorization of drug use. 133t the slang word for “leet” which is short for elite, a reference to the hipster nightclub scene. The press release of 133T mentions that –“MissDefiant look at the pressure put on young people to “get

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